GIGABOATs is a collection created and curated by Captain Peter Glahn. 
Over the past 7 years, Peter’s illustrations have been regularly featured in BOAT int. and BOAT US magazines, as well as other high profile publications. When Peter started creating this collection in 2015, he was a liveaboard First Mate on a private superyacht. Since then, he has refined both his skills as a mariner and illustrator. Much of his inspiration and insight into his subject matter has come from real life experience working onboard. Peter continues to create and expand this collection, while holding a Captain’s position on a private superyacht. Each illustrated boat has been tokenized into 5 variations - Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night & Master. No random generation, no algorithmic assistance.
The collection is live on Opensea.
This is a non-utility art collection.
If you see one that you like, make an offer!
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